Plants ABCs vs Zombies Troop 4.0


Touch screen with resolution 800X480 is MUST BE REQUIRED for this game.(HTC desire/G7, Samsung Galaxy SII etc.)

Below is a briefly instruction for the plants & zombies.

More detail instruction is available at our website:
A demo video is available in YouTube:

1.Flowers will give you more score(RED HEART), they will release red heart in a fixed frequence, collect it by tapping at it.

2.Letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, etc...will attack the zombies badly, but zombies hurt them badly as well, their defence ability is low.

3.Letter E has skill to shot double bullets, will hurt the zombies twice for each shot, and it is a special weapon & be able to shot the short/halfbody zombies crawl on the ground while most of the other letter can not hurt the crawl zombies.

4.Letter F has skill to shot freezing bullets, will hurt & freeze the zombies for a seconds(except for the short/halfbody zombies which crawl on the ground).

5.Young Stump(grey color one) has medium defence ability, will slow down zombies, zombie like to eat wood? Yep, maybe they like that flavour!

6.Old Stump(black color one) has higher defence ability than the young one, will slow+ down zombies because he's more harder than the young one! Good flavour as well? Not sure, but zombies will need to finish it to go through.

7.Capsicum(Master Spicy) can not wait to explode because he is so HOT inside! When he got a bite by the zombies, he will release all ENERGY then lead to a HUGE explosion! This definitely killing those zombies who bite him!

8.Cactus like to stay alone, sharping their own thorns! If someone gonna hurt it, be careful, the cactus will hurt you as well! Can you imagine to touch a cactus grow with hundreds thorns all around its body? No doubt that you get a hurt!(With high defence ability)

9.Bamboo is a hero for the ground, he will defence any zombies invade into the garden! Do you see the hoe in his hand? Don't be close to him, else you will get hurt, and much badly than you play with a cactus!(With high defence ability)

10.Pumpkin will slow down zombies cause they have hard skin, when its get hit by zombies & almost die, it will explode and killing all enemies around it, much bigger chance to kill a bunch of zombies crowd around him in one HUGE explosion.

11.Mushroom will run backward and kill the zombies it touch with, before the zombies break into you house, mushroom may be the best choice to kill it by running backward!

12.The short/halfbody zombies is crawling on the ground, hahaha, , , Can you see me? Yes, But my bullets can not shot at you! Letters A, B, D, F, G, H groaning. Now Letter C or E feels very proud, leave it to me, I can shot it!!!

13.Every zombie carry some money in his pocket, when it is dead, there is a chance to drop the money on the ground. Tap to collect it, give you more scores.

14.A shovel will be available from level 1, you can clear some grass field to plant other letters.

15.System will automatically save the game level, if you achieve a new one.

16.If you want to start a fresh game from level 0, just tap on "Reset & Start" at the start screen, this will erase the records you made before, and start game from level 0 again. "Start" means continue to play the last game level you achieved.

17.There are 4 buckets at the end of each lane, this is the last defence to stop the zombies break into your house.

More detail instruction please visit our website:
A demo video is available in YouTube:

Any issue or advice just feel free to email me. Thx.

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OS:Android 2.0 and up

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